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A knock came at the door. God, he was driving you crazy. I mean, you did seduce him in the middle of class the day before but somehow you were more nervous now than yesterday. Is really good at giving oral, and sometimes even enjoys orgasm denial so that he can hear you beg for him. Good chemistry leads to good plow. This teacher was unlike her others; he was young, laid back, and extremely attractive. You heard a few things crash to the floor before you were thrown on to his desk.

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She was too busy admiring the way his white button down shirt and black jeans fit his lanky body, and how his chocolate brown eyes followed the words he scribbled onto the blackboard.

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Education is so important. Lahey grabbed on to your wrist, stopping your actions. Brunette Class Rm Cunnilingus. She hadn't realised what she was missing until then. Ass Bent Over Blonde. His other hand was holding you firm against the wall by your hip.

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